Sunday, March 16, 2014

Great Opportunity to Serve comes to a Close

We spent a wonderful year in the Family and Church History, Church Headquarters Mission and have now returned to sunny, warm, Arizona.  It is good to be home but we miss the many missionaries we served with in the Family History Library.  We will never forget the wonderful friends that we made and the warm associations we had with each of them. I'm going to post a few pictures of the last social we had with the full-time missionaries from our zone.
We served with many other Church Service Missionaries that aren't shown here; we could go on forever about all of them.  We feel so privileged to have enjoyed this rich learning experience.
Susan Guthrie, Sis Young & Sis Barwick

Elder Garrett, Elder & Sister Boyd & Byde

Elder & Sister Garrett

Sisters Goldthorpe, Giles & Johnson

Elder & Sister Haddock

Sisters Barlow, Latimer, Garrett, & Johnson

Sister & Elder Rust & Elder Lander
Elder Rust, Elder & Sister Lander, Sisters Goldthorpe & Johnson

Sisters Latimer, Garrett, Johnson, & Guthrie

Elder & Elder Brake showing Byde's SLC coat he passed on to Elder Brake
Elder Brake was from our home stake in Arizona and since we were returning to a very warm place Byde passed his warm winter coat on to Him.  Hopefully next winter he will get some good use from it.

I had to add a few pictures of our packed car; I don't think we could have fit another thing. We left SLC on Thursday morning about 7 am and intended to drive to St George or Henderson but we got driving and just decided to go all the way home.  We pulled into our garage about 9 pm that night.  It was actually a very nice trip home with great weather and driving conditions.

Our very packed trunk

The back seat was loaded too - Byde peeking through from the other side.

When we got home our children had gone to our home and set up and made our beds and done a great deal of unpacking for us.  They even placed a heart made of chocolates on the bed which was a very fun treat.  We feel loved and well taken care of by our family.
Heart made of chocolates on our bed when we got home
AND, last but not least a few pictures from our homecoming luncheon at our daughter's home the day we spoke in church, March 16, 2014.
Carol Ann, Kathy, Pam, Lucille, Nina, Twyla, & Oona - my 6 sisters & me in age order

Same girls with brothers Gail, Blake & Lonnie (missing brothers Bill & Keith)

Cousin Gerry, Brother Blake & wife Karen

The Bryant Family
Daughter Julie with husband Courtney
Brother Lonnie & wife Sherrie

Son-in-law Courtney with some of our granddaughters
Nephew RH, sister Lucille with husband Wendell, sister Kathy & husband Shum with their granddaughter

Sister-in-law Jan and brother, Gail; sisters Oona & Twyla, nephew Wacey, brother-in-law Ray and son, David

Son-in-law Jeff Cox

Niece Molly with James
The returning missionaries, Elder & Sister Fuller, aka Byde & Pam

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